What Could an “Advanced Camera” entail? Hopes and Speculation

What Could an “Advanced Camera” entail? Hopes and Speculation

Today Rockstar has announced, along with a very neat snap by @F1mBu1V1nT3r (that we may or may not have recommended ;)), that they will be adding an Advanced Camera you can buy from Wheeler, Rawson & Co. to Red Dead Online this upcoming Tuesday with the Naturalist role update. Being that something that would make Albert Mason, pictured above, very

Double $ on Contact Missions and Bumper Benny Discounts This 4/20

Double $ on Contact Missions and Bumper Benny Discounts This 4/20

For this week’s GTA Online event we’re seeing a bumper package of discounts from good ol’ Benny’s Original Motorworks! Enjoy 70% off upgrades to selected vehicles such as the Itali, the Slamvan and the Voodoo, plus many others. There’s also 50% off green tire smoke and 40-60% off the Tyrant, the Zentorno, the Ardent and the Hydra. And just so

Rockstar Reveals This Week’s Casino Podium Vehicle

Rockstar Reveals This Week’s Casino Podium Vehicle

Today Rockstar Games has revealed this week’s Diamond Casino & Resort Podium vehicle that you can win in GTA Online’s casino wheel! If you’re feeling lucky today, the Dinka Jester can be all yours to save in your garage and to help you and/or your crew in your criminal endeavours.

Kikizo Update: Previews on Thursday

Earlier this month we revealed that a selection of privileged websites were receiving hands-on demonstrations of GTA IV, and that previews were due to be published some time around the 27th of this month. We now have a confirmed date for those previews, and that is Thursday 28th February, which is two days from now. You can expect previews from Kikizo, GameSpot,

“Move up, ladies” – New GTA IV trailer goes live!

The third GTA IV trailer (which was announced last Wednesday) has been released by Rockstar Games. You can watch it here (below) or head over to the official GTA 4 website. Be sure also to check out IGN’s trailer Q&A with Rockstar. We have updated the trailers page to include the new trailer, and we have also added a collection of stills to the screenshot gallery. Keep

New Official Site Update

This massive update features new MeTV clips, exclusive screenshots, a multiplayer section detailing all 10 multiplayer modes, a music section containing a sample track listing, and last but not least a brand new trailer. Linkage.

Screenshots, Artwork and More.

The six screenshots which appeared on CVG yesterday, have now been sent to GameDot, IGN and various other sites. You can now view the original [unwatermarked] copies in our screenshot gallery. We have also replaced one or two images in the artwork gallery with fullsize and higher-quality versions, so be sure to check that out also. Can I please ask all PSM2 and/or GamesMaster (UK) magazine subscribers

Cheat Device v0.7

edisoncarter has released Cheat Device v0.7 for GTA: Liberty City Stories. New Features: Bikes can drive on walls Gravity Freeze everything Gameplay speed Walking speed Flip over Unlimited heli flying height Cheat Maker Release Notes: Helicopters can now break the height limit. Gameplay Speed is the same thing that’s controlled by the Faster Gameplay and Slower Gameplay button cheats. In LCS,

A New Year’s treat from the SA:MP team

To celebrate the new year, the SA:MP team have released a brand new video showing clips from recent tests. I got the chance to test it out myself and was thoroughly impressed by the stability of it and the implementation of passenger-drive-by mode. It all looks very promising so far. Here’s a few screenshots I took from yesterday’s test game: