Snap Saturday: Los Santos Tuners

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead.

This week is a big week! The GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners update has released and it’s one of the most well received GTA Online content updates in a very long time! Being in the wishlists of many for years and years since GTA Online’s inception, this update not just delivered, but overdelivered, and we’re extremely glad to see the community united once again in liking a content update so much.

An update fully focused on car culture, car meets, racing, escaping the police and much much more would sounds like a great candidate for a huge amount of incredible snaps, right? Especially when it has shiny new cars, incredibly good looking car meets, a whole test track, auto shops, new races, robberies, new hairstyles and clothing, and even Easter eggs (deja vu?!)…
That’s very much right, and that also means this is yet another very chunky XXXL Edition of Snap Saturday because there’s just so so so many epic snaps to choose from!

As I was still developing on this article, Rockstar announced the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners DLC had broken player count records! Absolutely amazing and deserved! 💛

As always, snaps are handpicked from the GTAForums, Twitter and Social Club communities. Enjoy!

We told you this’d be a nice chunky one! Hope you enjoyed our selection of Tuners! More to come in the future, certainly.

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