The New Rockstar Store Is Now Open!

The New Rockstar Store Is Now Open!

A brand-new successor to the Rockstar Warehouse, the home of many many Rockstar collectors and Rockstar’s goodies and game purchases, Rockstar Games has just opened their new store today! Looking as slick as always and much more modern, it now resides at and is named Rockstar Store. Including all of the goodies of the previous Rockstar Warehouse and more,

Bravado Banshee Walk Around by Flat 12

Bravado Banshee Walk Around by Flat 12

@Flat12Gallery has acquired what is the most expensive item on any Rockstar Games collector’s wishlist, the Banshee! This was spotted by GTASeries and their eagle eyes for rare collection items. Watch the walk around below:

Hidden Package 2

UPS just brought Hidden Package #2 from Rockstar. No screenshot this time, but it did contain a Liberty Swingers baseball shirt, which one must presume is the name of a baseball team in the game world. Here’s a closeup of the logo on the shirt:

Hidden Package

I just received “hidden package #1” via UPS from Rockstar. Inside was a Tw@ Internet Cafe mouse pad, a Liberty City lapel pin, wanted posters, and a new screenshot. The Videogeddon Arcade in the background is a nice touch. I wonder how long it takes Jack Thompson to issue a press release about it.. As always, you can discuss the new screenshot at

Rockstar Posters & Avatars

Check out the all-new posters section at Rockstar Warehouse, “offering limited-run poster reprints of classic titles from the Rockstar catalog.” The prints are available for $15.00 each, and sizes range from 18×18″ to 24×36″. Rockstar have also released a bunch of new desktops and avatars – the latter of which are now available on our forum. Stay tuned for more GTA IV updates. We are expecting

Rockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition

Rockstar Games have announced that GTA IV will be available as a special edition on October 16 in North America and October 19 in Europe, the same day as the regular edition. The special edition will be presented in a customised Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box, which will contain: Grand Theft Auto IV (the game itself) with special

$100 San Andreas Style

Turns out that Rockstar North held a private San Andreas party on Friday, 10th of December in Edinburgh at the Caligula’s Palace casino. This $100 bill served as both an invite to the party as well as gambling currency at the casino. The auction is now over and the item was sold for $31. Thanks to CodenameGTA for the heads up.

Christmas Giveaway by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games have let us know that they are holding a ‘Str8 Jack Move Giveaway,’ during which they are giving away some Grand Theft Auto branded items, perfect for any fan of the series. MAIN PRIZE: Five lucky winners will receive a super package consisting of one Grand Theft Auto BMX bike, a San Andreas Carhartt hooded sweatshirt, an official Double CD Soundtrack,