Los Santos Tuners Has Dropped!

Nothing rejuvenates the GTA Online community more than a boatload of new vehicles and content, and Los Santos Tuners has today provided all that, and more!

In ode to the “car culture” of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar has dropped a massive update with Los Santos Tuners, providing a plethora of new things to do, new people to see and even some very cool quality of life changes.

You can read the full blowout on the Rockstar Newswire or Official Patch Notes, or catch our blurbs on Twitter highlighting the coolest changes, where we’ll also be sharing the best snaps highlighting the new cars throughout the week and beyond. Along with everything that has already been announced last week, here is a quick summary!

The LS Car Meet – join the latest car club to access an all new social space with the pure intention of showing off your vehicles. There’s a test track for you to take your wheels for a private spin, as well as a new test ride feature for you to sample the latest without down-payment. You can also watch other players mod their vehicles in real time with new parts from the Mod Shop, and unlock clothing, tattoos, liveries, wheels and more through the new Reputation rank-up system.


  • New Auto Shop property – earn cash and launch missions, includes living quarters and modding bay
  • 10 slot garage within Auto Shop
  • 10 new customisable cars
  • New robbery Contracts – including bigger jobs requiring planning and finale that can be completed solo
  • New races
  • New collectible music sticks to add CircoLoco Records Monday Dreamin’ tunes to the radio
  • New clothing brand – Born x Raised

Bonuses and free stuff!

  • Free Race and Chase arcade cabinet for your Auto Shop if you play this week
  • Log in and play this week to earn your free Los Santos Customs clothing promised last week
  • Visit an LS Car Meet for a free LS Customs Varsity Jacket
  • Become a club member to receive Ron Racing Livery for the Pfister Comet S2 next week
  • Complete a Sprint Challenge for a free Rockstar Yellow Pattern Tee
  • Rank up to Car Meet Rep level 20 before 17th August to earn a $250k bonus
  • 30-40% discounts on 8 vehicles
  • Double money and RP on San Andreas Super Sport Series
  • Lucky Wheel podium vehicle – Ocelot Lynx
  • Test 3 upcoming cars on the Test Track this week

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not the only one, so the best thing to do is just dive in and get driving! The GTA Online community is roaring with hype about the new content, so we’ve established a Los Santos Tuners subforum on GTAForums.com for sharing and discussing all the tips and tricks you could require. Enjoy!