GTA Online Winter Update Announced: The Contract

Well how about that for a Hump Day announcement?!

Rockstar today revealed The Contract, curiously dubbed a new GTA Online “Story”, that will launch next week on Wednesday 15th December.

The update introduces a new business for our players to pursue via a stake in F. Clinton and Partner, an upcoming “solutions” agency for the A-list of Los Santos. Yes you read that name correctly, GTAV protagonist Franklin Clinton is making his first appearance in GTA Online, alongside sidekick Chop the Dog! Working with Franklin, we assume there will be Tuners-style contracts or missions that we’re tasked with to increase the reputation of the new venture, by solving likely-obnoxious problems for the rich and infamous of Vinewood.

The holy grail of clients in The Contract is no other than Dr. Dre himself, as GTA music legend DJ Pooh will turn to Franklin and the crew in hope of securing some currently unreleased, and stolen, music – first hinted at in the duo’s cameo last year during the intro of the Cayo Perico heist. We’ll also be seeing the return of our buddy Lamar Davis, and a new character on the pro-hacker scene: Imani. The trailer also confirms the appearance of IRL rapper Anderson .Paak.

While rumours were already rife about the return of Dr. Dre, as well as hints from other artists on Twitter and a small leak about the internal codename of “fixers”, expectations for the DLC were pretty high as we reached December. I don’t think anyone quite imagined the appearance of singleplayer characters however!

It is certainly something seeing Franklin again, and good boy Chop. The new artwork and screenshots show that both lads have gained a few grey hairs during their escapades over the last 8 years, and it’s almost wholesome to see them aged up a bit after all this time. Some of the community have attempted to highlight the life span of rottweillers, but to that I’ll say Long Live Chop; he’ll forever have his own special pampered pooch corner at F. Clinton and Partner as far as I’m concerned.

But that’s not all… not only will we get to experience some “wild and hilarious” adventures through Los Santos with the agency, there’s also new weapons, vehicles and “much more” soon to be revealed, as well as exclusive music from Dr. Dre (as featured in the trailer), a new radio station and a major overhaul of existing radio stations. Woop woop.

Be sure to check out the Newswire for every small detail, and follow @GTANet for updates as we wait for more information about the DLC. What do you think of the announcement? Excited? Not to your taste? Join the debates and discussions with the rest of the community on GTAForums and in our new subforum dedicated to The Contract.

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