GTA Online Winter Update Announced: The Contract

GTA Online Winter Update Announced: The Contract

Well how about that for a Hump Day announcement?! Rockstar today revealed The Contract, curiously dubbed a new GTA Online “Story”, that will launch next week on Wednesday 15th December. The update introduces a new business for our players to pursue via a stake in F. Clinton and Partner, an upcoming “solutions” agency for the A-list of Los Santos. Yes

DJ Green Lantern in GTA IV

In an interview with men’s magazine KING, New York DJ and hip hop artist Green Lantern shed some light on his involvement with the music scene in Grand Theft Auto IV: “We sat down and it ended up like a whole radio show. This particular show, there’s a little bit of a budget involved. It’s not the normal licensed-out music. When you

Official Site Update

Rockstar have updated the official website with new screenshots, music info, and various features to whet your appetite before next month’s release. Here is the full list of updates: IF99 International funk music, hosted by Femi Kuti. Vladivostok FM Post-communist community radio to rock the Eastern Bloc. All-new videos, featuring hard-living Irish-American Patrick “Packie” McReary and a message from the LCPD’s recruitment

Airbourne to feature in GTA IV?

An article over at is claiming that Australian band “Airbourne” are set to feature in the new Tony Hawk game, as well as the new Grand Theft Auto. Don’t take this as confirmed though, Rockstar have stressed many times before that the soundtrack is a work in progress, and that anything there just now may or may not make it into the final

Sinking our teeth into WKTT Radio

Earlier today we posted a lil’ notice about Rockstar’s first GTAIV-related teaser site, WKTT Radio. Operating under the guise of a vigilant right-wing radio station based in Liberty City, WKTT is on the prowl for would-be voice actors to send in their belligerent, no-holds-barred recordings. What’s wrong with the world? What’s wrong with America? WKTT wants you to be loud, be proud, and

Soundtrack Weekend Full Force

Details: 11 functional radio stations, 20 different DJs. “More licensed music than in any other action videogame in history.” “Instead of looping the sounds heard on each station, the entire setup is dynamic.” “Players can expect to hear live weather bulletins, deadly accurate news updates, music blocks, custom track lead-ins and outs, and call-ins from people all over the state.”

Soundtrack Teaser on Official Site

The official site has just been updated with a soundtrack tuner, a teaser for the official track listing being revealed on Monday, 18th of October. Available to listen are 10 radio stations. Master Sounds (soul, groove and funk) Playback (hip hop) Bounce FM (funk) K-DST (rock and roll) K-Jah Radio West (dancehall, reggae and dub) CSR (modern soul) Radio:X (modern rock) K-Rose (country and

Radio Personalities Opie and Anthony Possibly in San Andreas

It would seem that hungry-for-controversy Rockstar has employed two controversial radio personalities Opie and Anthony to do some radio station work in San Andreas. In a recent interview with the guys, they expressed their amazement for San Andreas, but couldn’t comment further because they had “signed certain things.” Opie and Anthony were kicked from radio waves during the summer for a