Airbourne to feature in GTA IV?

An article over at is claiming that Australian band “Airbourne” are set to feature in the new Tony Hawk game, as well as the new Grand Theft Auto. Don’t take this as confirmed though, Rockstar have stressed many times before that the soundtrack is a work in progress, and that anything there just now may or may not make it into the final version of the game.

“Schnur went on to discuss EA’s joint venture music company Artwerk, which has now signed a total of four artists in the past nine months since launch. These include Junkie XL, whose work will feature heavily on the new Need for Speed title, and Jupiter One, based in New York.

“Not only will those artists find telling exposure to key target audiences within EA’s own titles, but some will also find themselves as part of other games as well � Melbourne band Airbourne will also be featured in the new Tony Hawk game, as well as Grand Theft Auto IV.

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