Soundtrack Teaser on Official Site

The official site has just been updated with a soundtrack tuner, a teaser for the official track listing being revealed on Monday, 18th of October.

Available to listen are 10 radio stations.

  • Master Sounds (soul, groove and funk)
  • Playback (hip hop)
  • Bounce FM (funk)
  • K-DST (rock and roll)
  • K-Jah Radio West (dancehall, reggae and dub)
  • CSR (modern soul)
  • Radio:X (modern rock)
  • K-Rose (country and western)
  • Radio Los Santos (west coast hip hop)
  • SF-UR (house music)

From what is available right now, it can be safely said that this soundtrack will be ace! At this point we are not able to confirm if these will be the only radio stations. Have a listen to the stations however, and visit back on Monday for detailed track listings.

We are also able to confirm that Rockstar Games will be partnering up with Interscope Records to release a soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, expected to hit shelves November 23rd. The double CD will feature “a mix of select tracks from San Andreas’ many in-game radio stations.”