Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack Coming on Vinyl

Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack Coming on Vinyl

After many, many worries from fans that Rockstar would not be releasing a vinyl version of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Original Soundtrack, Rockstar has come to prove everyone wrong. Coming on Lakeshore Records’ own store, the Original Soundtrack vinyl is slated for “on or around September 20”, according to their own store listing. According to the label, the tracklist is

Downloadable Soundtrack via R* Social Club

Hot on the heels of the Rockstar Games Social Club announcement comes further news of its functionality. Rockstar Games has joined forces with Amazon to provide a music download service for the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. Any currently playing track in the game can be ‘marked’ for future reference, by means of the personal assistant / mobile phone gadget

GTA4.Net Progress

Incase you haven’t already noticed, two new links have been added to the navigation at the top. We now have dedicated pages for Missions and Vehicles. Our Missions page summarises everything we know so far about the missions in Grand Theft Auto IV, and contains dialogue from the two missions (“Final Interview” and “Call and Collect”) previewed by the gaming press last year. Our Vehicles

Rockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition

Rockstar Games have announced that GTA IV will be available as a special edition on October 16 in North America and October 19 in Europe, the same day as the regular edition. The special edition will be presented in a customised Grand Theft Auto metal safety deposit box, which will contain: Grand Theft Auto IV (the game itself) with special

Another (Possible) GTA IV Soundtrack Leak

The local evening post gazette from Lancashire has published an interview with a musician called Kurgan Merrick. Among his listing of future projects, he mentions that he has been contacted to record a song for “the latest Grand Theft Auto game” soundtrack. “I was contacted by someone who has heard my songs on the website. They wanted a track they could use on

GTA Custom Soundtrack Loader

The “Rockstar Custom Tracks Converter” is now available for download at IGN, which enables you to convert purchased music to a format compatible with your PSP system. This system is a lot different from previous Grand Theft Auto games, in that it limits the music you can use to purchased music only. In order for you to use this converter

Interscope/Universal Music Sponsored Giveaway

Interscope Records and Rockstar Games have partnered up and are organising a San Andreas gear giveaway to highlight the release of the official soundtrack sets. The contest is open until February 1st, 2005 to all residents of US age 13 and over. GRAND PRIZE: One lucky winner will receive a prize pack worth over $350 and including a San Andreas rare BMX