Rockstar Games to present special RDR2 concert at Tribeca Festival

It was announced yesterday that Rockstar Games will be presenting a very special live concert, The Songs of Red Dead Redemption 2, at Tribeca Film Festival next month on June 10. The concert will be hosted by RDR2’s soundtrack producer Daniel Lanois with his band and special guests.

Tribeca is an annual film festival held in the heart of New York City that showcases and premieres a diverse range of media, mostly from international or independent creators. The festival will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary this year.

Rockstar have previously been associated with Tribeca back in 2011, when LA Noire was the first ever video game to be officially recognised by their panel. The festival has since expanded further into gaming and will debut a lineup of demos from upcoming games, which will also be streamed online as part of Geoff Keighly’s Summer Game Fest.

If you’re lucky enough to live near NYC, be sure to catch Rockstar’s concert and experience some amazing music in person on the back drop of Battery Park. Tickets are available on May 10. It doesn’t appear as though the concert will be streamed online, but if anyone can tell us otherwise, please let us know!

For now we’ll leave you with this unforgettable piece from D’Angelo, which was produced by Daniel Lanois and is sure to be feature of the setlist next month.