Soundtrack Box Set Released

A recent Rockstar newsletter has announced the release of the San Andreas Official Soundtrack 8 CD Box Set. The set consists of 8 different CDs, all packed with different flavours of 90s music, and Rockstar’s marketing people have called it “the mother load of the San Andreas musical experience.” Read more about the San Andreas soundtrack at the official website, or

Soundtrack Double CD

Just a quick reminder that the San Andreas Soundtrack Double CD is available in stores, now. Two discs of some of the best tracks across San Andreas’ radio dial – including classics from Rage Against the Machine, 2Pac, Bel Biv Devoe, Faith No More, Rick James, and more. The Double CD also includes the original composition, “The Theme From San

Official Standalone Soundtrack Press Release

This news piece was originally meant to be posted yesterday, when I was sent Take2’s press release concerning the San Andreas 8-CD box set, but due to some minor complications this news is reaching you today. The official 8-CD box set containing the full San Andreas soundtrack is scheduled to be arriving in stores on December 7th in North America and December

Soundtrack Details & Official Site Update

Check out the official website for longer/different clips of the featured radio stations. Take-2 Interactive, parent of company of Rockstar Games have released more details regarding the double CD soundtrack. The double CD includes a bonus track an exclusive cover of the Nine Inch Nails early 90s industrial staple “Head Like A Hole” by Northern Californian punk band AFI, who formed in 1991. The track has been recorded

Updated Soundtrack Section

The new soundtrack page has just gone up, with all the information so far about the standalone soundtrack boxset and the radio stations. Don’t forget to come back later on in the day for information on Gamespot’s Saturday preview, and pay us a visit on Monday, when we’ll be the first to bring you word on the official track listings.

Soundtrack Weekend Full Force

Details: 11 functional radio stations, 20 different DJs. “More licensed music than in any other action videogame in history.” “Instead of looping the sounds heard on each station, the entire setup is dynamic.” “Players can expect to hear live weather bulletins, deadly accurate news updates, music blocks, custom track lead-ins and outs, and call-ins from people all over the state.”

Soundtrack Teaser on Official Site

The official site has just been updated with a soundtrack tuner, a teaser for the official track listing being revealed on Monday, 18th of October. Available to listen are 10 radio stations. Master Sounds (soul, groove and funk) Playback (hip hop) Bounce FM (funk) K-DST (rock and roll) K-Jah Radio West (dancehall, reggae and dub) CSR (modern soul) Radio:X (modern rock) K-Rose (country and

Fake Internet Track Leaks & Confirmed Soundtrack News

In a press release from OPS2 themselves, it’s been revealed that the tracklisting which leaked on the internet and presented as fact recently really just turned out to be a magazine wishlist. “No sooner had we scribbled down our kill-along wish list than it turned up all over the internet. Only it was reported as fact,” says a rep from

Supposed Soundtrack List

A fairly large french gaming site has posted a listing of songs they say is going to be on the GTA: San Andreas soundtrack. We cannot confirm the authenticity of this list, but judging by when these songs were released, it seems authentic. After the incredible success of GTA Vice City, Rockstar continues to pay big name singers to offer to its