Soundtrack Box Set Released

A recent Rockstar newsletter has announced the release of the San Andreas Official Soundtrack 8 CD Box Set.

The set consists of 8 different CDs, all packed with different flavours of 90s music, and Rockstar’s marketing people have called it “the mother load of the San Andreas musical experience.”

Read more about the San Andreas soundtrack at the official website, or order it now from Amazon.

Here are some details of the soundtrack:

8 discs traversing the musical landscape of the San Andreas radio dial.

  • The smoothed out R&B with a new jack feel appeal of CSR 103.9.
  • The seminal late 80�s and early 90�s hip-hop of Radio Los Santos & Playback FM.
  • The hard-rocking, hard-living, hard-drinking classic freedom rock of K-DST.
  • K-Rose�s country & western sounds straight from the heartland.
  • The lowriding, hoo-banging, hydraulics-snapping funk of Bounce FM.
  • K-JAH’s yard sounds of reggae to bogle, butterfly or just plain get irie to.
  • Master Sounds 98.3�s collection of original funk & soul standards.
  • and the groundbreaking alternative rock of Radio X.