Fake Internet Track Leaks & Confirmed Soundtrack News

In a press release from OPS2 themselves, it’s been revealed that the tracklisting which leaked on the internet and presented as fact recently really just turned out to be a magazine wishlist.

“No sooner had we scribbled down our kill-along wish list than it turned up all over the internet. Only it was reported as fact,” says a rep from OPS2 magazine. Thanks to Stefaan from the forums for that.

We do however have a scoop on confirmed tracks in the game. Death Row Records had this to say on the news section of their site:

“We have three songs from our catalog appearing on the upcoming Rockstar Games release ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’. The songs that will be playing while you jack cars, recruit gang members, and make drug deals are ‘Let Me Ride’, ‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’, and ‘Gin & Juice’. The game will be released October 2004.”

It would appear that the soundtrack news has been removed from deathrowrecords.net, most likely a repeat of the Frank Vincent fiasco where someone working with Rockstar gave out information that was not meant to be released. Obviously this soundtrack information was not to be known, but deathrowrecords.net slipped, and Rockstar made them clean up.

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