This is not a Rockstar Games Commercial

A lot of you may have seen this earlier on in the day on GTA Forums. We reached out to multiple sources and confirmed with them that Rockstar Games or Take-Two has nothing to do with this production. It is a SONY commercial for PlayStation. The latin American production used a logo, without the knowledge of Rockstar Games, for the ad

New GTA IV Dummy Boxes

UPDATE: We’ve just received confirmation from Rockstar that these designs are *not* representative of what the final box art will look like. They’re official teasers, yes, but they’re not the final box art. We’d like to apologize for crushing the dreams of anyone who got their hopes up. Really. The box art for Grand Theft Auto titles have always been a

(Fake) Grand Theft Auto IV Boxart

We tend not to post fake media unless it has recieved a lot of publicity, or unless it is an extremely good attempt, so we felt this one was worthy of a mention. It was made in Adobe Photoshop by a member of our forums called Slim Trashman, and it took him approximately 6 hours to produce. It shares a similar

“GTA4 to feature sex scenes” = bullsh*t

“A number of “leaked” screenshots for the next GTA game show what appear to be sex scenes in the game.” The Inquirer ” The controversy surrounding the sex scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas rages on, but Rockstar Games is taking a new tack. Instead of the scenes having to be unlocked by a third-party modification, apparently screenshots for

San Andreas PC System Requirements

It seems that a South African online retailer with a curious resemblance to the name of the publisher of San Andreas has put up system requirements for San Andreas PC. It is not known whether these were provided by a source affiliated with Rockstar Games or the retailer in question, Take2.co.za, pulled the requirements out of the sky. Regardless, the requirements do look

Erm, Las Venturas?

It seems SanAndreas.de, the ‘official’ german website for San Andreas revealed more of the map than they were supposed to! Earlier today the main flash clip with Cesar would also allow you to see the Las Venturas area, now the mistake has been corrected. Unfortunately, we can no longer show you the images, and R* confirmed that the map is NOT accurate. As you

FAKE: New Zealand Gamebiz

The New Zealand magazine “Gamebiz” that was released recently had a few interesting things here and there. Most the stuff we already know about, but there’s a few things new to us. Here’s a summarised list of what we heard from the article. Grandparents Forever, the company from vice city that “stuffs your loved ones” will be making another return.

Fake Internet Track Leaks & Confirmed Soundtrack News

In a press release from OPS2 themselves, it’s been revealed that the tracklisting which leaked on the internet and presented as fact recently really just turned out to be a magazine wishlist. “No sooner had we scribbled down our kill-along wish list than it turned up all over the internet. Only it was reported as fact,” says a rep from