FAKE: New Zealand Gamebiz

The New Zealand magazine “Gamebiz” that was released recently had a few interesting things here and there. Most the stuff we already know about, but there’s a few things new to us.

Here’s a summarised list of what we heard from the article.

  • Grandparents Forever, the company from vice city that “stuffs your loved ones” will be making another return.
  • The shop from the mall in Vice City “Gash” will be making another return and we will be able to buy clothes from it again.
  • We gotta get groceries somewhere, and we can get it from El Nuevo Big O’ a supermarket found in Los Santos.
  • 3 Beverages have been confirmed, now we can drink slushies! Flavours are Thrushy, Mushy, and Frosty.
  • Four restaurants have been confirmed; Beef Bandit, Shaft Hotdogs, Tacocalypse and Tarbrush Caf”.
  • Beef Bandit and Shaft Hotdogs are two companies battling to be the best that CJ will work for selling hotdogs, and of course trashing the rivals hotdog stands.
  • Steve Scott, the movie director from Vice City will be making another return as a movie director in Vinewood.

We’ll give you a hint – Starkweather. Yes, the disturbed director once worked in Vinewood. Surprisingly enough, he was good friends with Steve Scott. They both directed a movie together called “Murder Juice”, but as always, things change.