GTA Online Gameplay Video & Previews

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – GTA Online gameplay video reveal. Share your thoughts and reactions over at GTAForums! Previews English: CVG Gamespot Foreign Language: JuexActu [French] GamePro [German] 3DJuegos [Spanish] Interviews English: CVG Gamespot Foreign Language: 3DJuegos [Spanish] Summary: Features: Players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized

New GameInformer Info & Screens

Only an hour after Rockstar first released the gameplay video giving us our first look at the single player side of the game, GameInformer have followed up by releasing two new exclusive Q&A’s. The Q&A’s focus specifically on Gun Combat and Customization. Below is a summary of the info contained in the two articles. Overhaul of gun play to open up new styles

CVG Preview Series and A Few Good Finds

With so much information to digest over the last month or so, a video round up is always handy and often a good reminder of tidbits of information you may have forgotten. The guys over at CVG have been doing exactly that with their weekly GTA 5 o’clock series, and have this week treated us to a lengthy discussion mixed with

GTAV Preview Video Roundup

By now you have probably read our summary and collection of this week’s GTAV Previews, but we also wanted to highlight a few videos where some games websites discuss their impressions of the press demo that they recently saw – in addition to an overview of what we know so far. As a fan of GameSpot’s original weekly OnTheSpot internet

GTAV Online Previews and Screenshots

The new previews for GTAV have started to show up. Find the links below, in addition to our summary and the new screenshots and new artwork. Previews: English: Kotaku CVG (video) CVG EDGE VideoGamer Destructoid USA Today Foreign Language: GamesAktuel (Deutsch) JeuxVideo (France) Meristation (Spain) (Italian) GameKings (NL) You can buy property; houses, garages, businesses and marinas can all be purchased for

Get ready.

Three new character trailers, online previews, screenshots… and more. That’s happening this week. As tweeted by the Epsilon Program, on Monday there will be a “unique opportunity” for fans. The tweet went out at 12pm EST on Sunday, so adding the 24 hours it mentioned, we can expect to find out more at the same time on Monday. Here’s a countdown.

New GTAV Previews Coming May 2nd

Update: Since we’ve written this article, gaming websites (CVG, Game Informer and more) have started to announce next week’s previews, which will hit the web on Thursday May 2nd. We’ve also been told that these previews will contain signifcant new information, and that GTA fans will be VERY pleased. Stick to, as we’ll have a summary and links to all of next

Game Informer Reader Q&A

As promised, GI Editor Matt Bertz has just posted a reader Q&A with answers to questions posted directly from fans on their website comments. Whilst most points have been covered previously, there are some new tidbits of information such as character interaction and abilities. And in case you haven’t listened yet, Game Informer also released a special edition podcast yesterday, where they discuss their

Video: Game Informer’s GTAV Impressions

Last week, Game Informer published their article where they wrote about their time with GTAV. They also asked readers to send in their questions, and will be publishing the answers later this week. For now, check out this video we recommend where they discuss their impressions on the press demo in a bit more detail than what the article had.

IGN’s interview with GTA Producer Les Benzies

IGN has put up their interview with Rockstar North studio head and GTA Producer Leslie Benzies. In addition, they’ve also released two new screenshots. There’s several bits of new and interesting information. We’ve pulled all of them out and placed them below in its original form, from the mouth of Les: We do have a bunch of missions in GTA V that are