GTA Online Weekly Bonuses Preview – available 29th June 2023

Spider “Mr Bonuses” Vice is taking a well deserved vacation to the beach right now 🦝🌴 So for this week only, yours truly is presenting the upcoming Event details in his tried and tested format!

Debuting tomorrow and up until 5th July, Independence Day celebrations kick off with freedom-themed goodies, continued San Andreas Mercenaries and hangar-related bonuses, and a brand new way to source Supplies (Convoys, anyone?)

Remember this is just a preview, and information may change. On top of that, Rockstar may reserve things for their own Newswire.

We understand that not every Event Week will be to everyone’s liking, some will certainly be more exciting than others, but anyway…

Let’s get started!

Hangar Sales Bonuses + Continued Rewards on Project Overthrow and San Andreas Mercenaries

Rooster has been so pumped for Independence Day that he’s not only sourcing your cargo now, he’s got you a meal ticket for double rewards! Take advantage of double sales this week over land or air, as well as continued bonuses on Project Overthrow and LSA Operations.

  • Until 5th July
    • 2X GTA$/RP on Hangar Sales
    • 3X GTA$/RP on Business Battles
    • 2X GTA$/RP on Air Force Zero
  • Until 12th July – San Andreas Mercenaries Special Bonuses
    • If you already own or buy the Operations Terminal and Mammoth Thruster Upgrades for the Avenger, receive the Hinterland Bomber Jacket
    • Sell GTA$500K worth of Smuggler Cargo (if your cup of tea is smuggling by land, you can now!) to receive the LS Pounders Cap
    • Complete all 6 Project Overthrow missions to receive the Blue & Green Camo for your Avenger
    • Complete 3 LSA Operations to receive the Conveyor livery for the Molotok

Introducing “Finders Keepers”

A brand new freemode event is hitting the State wherein successful disruption of a (moving!) target will ensure a handy re-stock of your businesses’ supplies. Taking down a travelling transport vehicle and making it back to a pre-determined business will replenish 40% of your supplies, just like that. A moving stash house, if you will.

And if you don’t own the required business already, you can deliver the goods to a location in exchange for some cash in hand while no one is looking.

Freedom Week Celebrations

I love the smell of freedom in the morning; sticky, sweet, stifling… Celebrate ‘Murica this week by logging in and claiming free USA themed liveries for your MOC, and leave citizens’ rights in the dust by roaring through Los Santos in a returning (and free) Vapid Liberator.

Additionally, participants of Business Battles can get their mitts on some celebratory swag in the process (Statue of Happiness t-shirt, Piswasser beer hat, Benedict beer hat, Patriot beer hat, and Supa Wet beer hat).


Three levels of discounts across land and sea this week – if you’ve been waiting to use those free Avenger liveries from the last few weeks because you don’t have a hangar workshop yet, now is your chance make it a much cheaper affair!

30% off

  • Pegassi Weaponized Ignus
  • Annis ZR350
  • Grotti Visione

40% off

  • HVY Menacer
  • LF-22 Starling

50% off

  • Hangar Workshop (incl. Weapons Workshop)
  • FH-1 Hunter
  • MOC / MOC Upgrades


A plethora of vehicles return this week across showrooms and test tracks, including some of the previously discussed culled vehicles from in-game websites. For collectors, now is your chance to make room in your garage and get browsing and cataloguing for anything you’ve been missing.

Nothing is ever free in the land of the free, but for everything else, the ol’ reliable Lucky Wheel is prepped ahead for your daily spins this week as well as a chance to secure the Cheetah Classic at LSCM.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Lucky Wheel

  • Vapid Dominator GTX

LS Car Meet Prize Ride

  • Grotti Cheetah Classic (top 3 in Pursuit Series for 2 days)

LS Car Meet Test Rides

  • Annis ZR350
  • Invetero Coquette D10
  • Pfister Neon

Premium Test Ride

  • Imponte Arbiter GT

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Simeon is always ready and waiting to take advantage of patriots with a fistful of dollars – spend spend spend, it’s for the economy!

  • Karin Boor (Star-Spangled Patriot livery)
  • Truffade Z-Type
  • Western Sovereign (Independence Day livery)
  • Annis RE-7B (Pegasus livery)
  • Vapid Bullet

Luxury Autos

Just think, Dr Dre and DJ Pooh probably set their eyes on this showroom every time they’re on their way to the Studio – if you’re hanging out outside waiting to meet them, you might as well park and impress in one of these:

  • Truffade Thrax
  • Grotti Visione

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As this is a preview, any information in this post is subject to change and any corrections or missing details will be added as found.