EGM Article

The Septermber issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) contains a three-page San Andreas article, with thirteen screenshots, a summary of the main story, and an interview with Jeff Castenada. (Rockstar PR Director)

Sparks, parts and pedestrians fly, motorcycle police lose control and cling to the trunk of your car and politicians find plenty of reason to cry foul when a ludicrously low-flying helicopter purees a cop.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Although none of the screenshots were ‘new’, EGM released the following details:

  • Three hairstyles featured in the game include: dripping Jheri Curls, a fashionable afro, and a towering flattop.
  • When asked about CJ’s relationship with a female character in the game, Jeff said “we know something we won’t tell.”
  • When asked if Dave Chappelle would voice CJ, Jeff said “that certainly would be cool.”

Source: Partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto.