EGM Exclusive Preview

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly have published a new thirteen-page preview of GTA 4 in their April issue. As we revealed last month, EGM were invited exclusively to Rockstar North’s building in Edinburgh, Scotland, and bagged an exclusive interview with Rockstar Games president Sam Houser. There are also three new screenshots in the article. A few points worth noting: Apparently Niko Bellic was

Update: EGM’s Upcoming Preview

Earlier this month, we told you that Electronic Gaming Monthly were planning a huge exclusive GTA4 preview for their next issue, but at that time we weren’t aware of what it consists of. We have now been informed that EGM were invited to Rockstar North’s offices in Edinburgh (where the game is developed) and are the first journalists in years to receive

Exclusive GTA4 Preview in Next Month’s EGM

We have just received word from Dan Hsu (editor-in-chief of US video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly) that next month’s issue of the magazine will feature an exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. We are also told that it contains “another really cool, exclusive thing that can’t be mentioned right now.” Hmm, perhaps an exclusive interview or something? (don’t get your hopes

EGM’s Grand Theft Auto IV Comparisons

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly recently sent a photographer to NYC to try to match the GTA IV screens shot for shot, and enable comparison. Some of the results are outstanding, it’s definitely worth the read, so if you can find this magazine in your area be sure to pick it up. These are the shots which were compared..

New Screenshots in EGM

The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features two new screenshots of Vice City Stories – one showing an airliner, and the other showing a rocket launcher in use. Related Links: GameSpot; GTAForums Topic

EGMs San Andreas Afterthoughts

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine has done an article about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in its January issue (number 187). The article appears in the “Afterthoughts” feature. EGM interviewed Terry Donovan (CEO, Rockstar Games), Sam Houser (President, Rockstar Games) and Dan Houser (creative director) about the development process behind San Andreas. The feature also includes a “10 things you didn’t

EGM October Claims Camera Action

The October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has a short 3-page preview of the countryside demo that has been shown to gaming publications over the course of last month. Beside the old screenshots, mission info we’ve heard of before, and excited murmurs we found a line that might cause some commotion. (While on the topic of countryside landmarks) … CJ’s

EGM Article

The Septermber issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) contains a three-page San Andreas article, with thirteen screenshots, a summary of the main story, and an interview with Jeff Castenada. (Rockstar PR Director) Sparks, parts and pedestrians fly, motorcycle police lose control and cling to the trunk of your car and politicians find plenty of reason to cry foul when a