EGMs San Andreas Afterthoughts

Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine has done an article about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in its January issue (number 187). The article appears in the “Afterthoughts” feature.

EGM interviewed Terry Donovan (CEO, Rockstar Games), Sam Houser (President, Rockstar Games) and Dan Houser (creative director) about the development process behind San Andreas. The feature also includes a “10 things you didn’t know about San Andreas” bit which uncovers the known easter eggs, strange references, neat tricks and even has the fake picture of bigfoot.

EGM: So how can you top this?

Sam Houser: Well, if we didn’t have to top it, what would be the point? The beauty of working in games is that you’re not held back by a fixed medium. If you look at TV, or movies, or music, it’s completely static, but with games we get to see the medium evolve. Every five years the nice people at Sony give us new toys to play with, and we get to reinvent the wheel again. With that in mind though, we don’t want to abuse the franchise, and we only want to make stuff when there’s a reason for it. This is the trilogy for now, and we’re not in a rush to do the next one. We’re looking at the next generation of hardware for sure, and if you think about the enormous difference there is between PS1 and PS2 and then do the calcuations on how much more we’ll be able to do if the leap is to the same degree for PS3, well…it’s very exciting.

You can read a section of the interview online.