EGM October Claims Camera Action

The October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has a short 3-page preview of the countryside demo that has been shown to gaming publications over the course of last month. Beside the old screenshots, mission info we’ve heard of before, and excited murmurs we found a line that might cause some commotion.

(While on the topic of countryside landmarks) … CJ’s even got his own camera and can capture the moment on Kodak.

– Electronic Gaming Monthly, October 2004

We’re not exactly sure if this is linked to the mission where CJ has to murder a witness (see countryside mission #2), or if CJ will be carrying a camera around with him all the time. If so, what would be the function of the camera in the PS2 version of the game? Would they be stored on a clipboard in your hideout, or visible somewhere in your menu? Or will it be exclusive to the PC version where in addition to replays, you can export screenshots directly from the game. Who knows, only time can tell.

Thanks to high247 for his post on which helped me confirm this, and GTA-SanAndreas for bringing this to my attention.