San Andreas Q&A with Rockstar Games

Rockstar has recently dispatched an email to GTA fansites around the net asking for questions regarding San Andreas. The inquiries will be compiled into a complete set of Q&A’s that will be answered, and subsequently released to fansites, by the folks at Rockstar.

Of course, some subjects are taboo (specifics regarding music, voice casting, etc) and will go unanswered. However, Rockstar has stated that no questions which deem a “no comment” response will be featured in Q&A – this means that we won’t be stuck with fistfulls of useless questions.

We cannot guarantee that every question will be answered and we are not going to be answering questions that our only answer would be “no comment”, but we will try to answer everything else as best we can.

Rockstar Webmaster

We’re limited to a total of six questions, and the deadline for entry is 6:00pm EST on Friday, August 27th.

If you wish to have your questions considered as part of GTANet’s submission, head on over to the brainstorming thread. Please note that there will be heavy moderation in this topic — pointless comments such as “OMFG THIS IS TEH COOLZ!!!” will be deleted. Keep the thread for questions regarding San Andreas ONLY.

This is an exciting oppurtunity to find out more about the next groundbreaking GTA title, and we can’t wait to hear some of the questions you guys have to ask.

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