GTA-Scene.de Q&A with GamePro

Our friends over at GTA-Scene.de have organized a Q&A with the German edition of GamePro Magazine, who recently received a hands-on demonstration of GTA IV in Munich. They are taking questions until February 25, and once the answers arrive, the guys at GTA-Scene.de will kindly translate them for us and send them over. Link: Q&A with GamePro

“Move up, ladies” – New GTA IV trailer goes live!

The third GTA IV trailer (which was announced last Wednesday) has been released by Rockstar Games. You can watch it here (below) or head over to the official GTA 4 website. Be sure also to check out IGN’s trailer Q&A with Rockstar. We have updated the trailers page to include the new trailer, and we have also added a collection of stills to the screenshot gallery. Keep

Game Informer’s GTA IV Q&A – the answers are in!

Last week, Game Informer invited GTA fans to ask questions about their recent experience at R*. Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, the only journalist so far to have seen Grand Theft Auto IV in action, promised to answer as many of your questions as he can. The answers are in… (Interesting points: There are no airplanes in GTA IV, but flying remains a

Game Informer GTA4 Q&A

Game Informer�s Andrew Reiner (the only journalist so far to have to played Grand Theft Auto IV) is accepting questions about his experience, and he will do his best to answer as many of them as possible. From the GI site.. “We’re gearing up for a huge Game Informer Unlimited, and we�re betting you have a lot of questions about

A First Hand Account of San Andreas PC

NavOmicron, the bloke who was able to purchase GTA San Andreas for the PC and take some screenshots, was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Since everyone is curious about the PC those screenshots were taken on, it is a Pentium 4 3.4GHZ with a GeForce 6800 graphics card and 2GB of RAM. Apparently there were no performance problems

Gamespot San Andreas Q&A session with Rockstar North pt. 2

Gamespot has posted another Q&A session with Rockstar North regarding game physics, AI and modding in the upcoming PC release. While most of the information will be old news for PS2 gamers (and quite a few PC gamers as well), technical details seem to have become much more “sophisticated” now that we’re enterting the PC realm: “The buoyancy forces that are applied

PC Q&A: No Player Skins

GameSpot had a question and answer session about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC with members of the Rockstar North team, including Obbe Vermeij, John Whyte and Chris Rothwell. There are 13 questions that have been answered. Bundled with the Q&A are four new screenshots.. although the last two look more like renders. Enjoy. Also from what I can make out, player skinning

SPOILERS: OPM Review & New info!

Note: This news post contains full radio track listings and Voiceactor lists. If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further. The Official Playstation Magazine (US) were first to review GTA: San Andreas, and it recieved Game of the Month with a whopping 5 out of 5. They also revealed tons of new information, including voiceactors, gameplay info, radio listings and an

Fansite Q&A

The webmaster over at Rockstar just sent through the long-awaited answers to the Fansite Q&A from a couple of months back. With just a couple of days to go until San Andreas goes on sale, the completed Q&A session confirms a few things lots of people have been wondering about, and adds a few more curiously interesting hints to ponder