Game Informer GTA4 Q&A

Game Informer�s Andrew Reiner (the only journalist so far to have to played Grand Theft Auto IV) is accepting questions about his experience, and he will do his best to answer as many of them as possible. From the GI site..

“We’re gearing up for a huge Game Informer Unlimited, and we�re betting you have a lot of questions about the May World Exclusive Cover Story about Grand Theft Auto IV. There�s only one person at Game Informer that has actually seen the game in action, and that�s Game Informer�s Andrew Reiner.

“So what do you want to know about Rockstar�s latest creation? Ask Reiner! We�re not going to guarantee Reiner will be able to answer all of your questions, but he�s going to try!

“Send an e-mail to [email protected] with all of your Grand Theft Auto questions, and we�ll have a list of questions and answers in the May 2007 edition of Game Informer Unlimited (which launches Monday, April 23rd).

“Feel free to add your name, age, and location if you want to be credited with your question. If you want to be anonymous, that�s fine too! Just let us know.

“All of the Ask Reiner About Grand Theft Auto IV Questions will be cut off at 5pm CST on Thursday, April 19th. What are you waiting for? Send all of your Grand Theft Auto IV questions to [email protected]!

Remember he can only tell us about what he saw, so don’t waste your time asking about multiplayer or whether there will be a PC version etc, because he doesn’t know. Thanks to Jordan from our partner site for the heads up. Discussion as always is at our forums.