Game Informer’s GTA IV Q&A – the answers are in!

Last week, Game Informer invited GTA fans to ask questions about their recent experience at R*. Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, the only journalist so far to have seen Grand Theft Auto IV in action, promised to answer as many of your questions as he can. The answers are in… (Interesting points: There are no airplanes in GTA IV, but flying remains a

Game Informer GTA4 Q&A

Game Informer�s Andrew Reiner (the only journalist so far to have to played Grand Theft Auto IV) is accepting questions about his experience, and he will do his best to answer as many of them as possible. From the GI site.. “We’re gearing up for a huge Game Informer Unlimited, and we�re betting you have a lot of questions about

GTA4 World Premiere Preview Reaches Subscribers

The May issue of Game Informer (which has a 10-page Grand Theft Auto IV world exclusive preview) is beginning to reach the homes of subscribers. See GTAF for more details. “One of our biggest goals early in development is that it should feel different than any other game. It shouldn’t be ‘Oh, here’s a really good looking but stiff character.’‘ DAN

First GTA IV Preview Announced

Quickly on the heels of yesterday’s trailer announcement, Game Informer magazine has announced a world exclusive GTA4 preview in their May issue. The may issue will be reaching subscribers next month, and we’ll have the information up once we get it. A few things to bear in mind. Game Informer was the same magazine that had a world exclusive preview of GTA

Gang Recruitment

Game Informer have released some new details in their November issue – the focus being, gangs. They gave a detailed description of how territory can be won by different groups (This is old information, see the P2 summary from last month). They did however, tell us how the gang recruitment system works: Approach pedestrians sporting the OGF colours, and target them with the R1 button.

Game Informer US August Preview

The new Game Informer US August issue contains a 2-page spread of GTA San Andreas. The first page is text, the second a selection of new screenshots. There is no remarkable new information except for some control specifics which might interest you lot. You’ll still use the auto-targeting of Vice City, but now you can strafe while locked on to

Game Informer preview online

Grand Inquisitor, erm, Game Informer, the magazine which brought us the first info about SanAn, and subsequently threatened to to sue a number of excited fans for talking about their article and sharing the pictures with their friends online, has posted the article on their website. They’ve also posted the exclusive fansite-only screenshot with claims that they have a new exclusive

Game Informer Withdraws Publicized Scans

Recently we linked you to which featured new scans of the next Game Informer issue. This issue included an article on GTA: SA, which was posted on the site. Yesterday, Game Informer responded by asking them to remove the scanned pictures and respect their exclusive preview. Looks like we’ll have to wait another 12 days to see them again.