Game Informer US August Preview

The new Game Informer US August issue contains a 2-page spread of GTA San Andreas. The first page is text, the second a selection of new screenshots. There is no remarkable new information except for some control specifics which might interest you lot.

You’ll still use the auto-targeting of Vice City, but now you can strafe while locked on to an enemy. Also, you can now use the right analog stick to control your point-of-view while walking or running, much like in Rockstar North’s recent cult hit Manhunt.

-Game Informer August

Further on in the magazine there are some rumours as to who will be voicing the characters.

Everyone’s wondering which famous celebrities are doing the voicework for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The company wouldn’t say a word when we visited, but spies have sighted rapper/member of the Law & Order posse Ice-T at Rockstar. Ice Cube and Yo-Yo were also seen on the premises. Rockstar better watch out, because if there’s some sort of dispute with Ice-T’s royalties, we hear that Sam Waterston and David Hasselhoff carry some mighty big sticks.

-Game Informer August

Thanks to Brad Hofbauer for the Game Informer originals.