New San Andreas Publications Heading Your Way

More and more tidbits of information on new previews have been springing up lately..

  • GamePro US (September 2004) – The article in question is two pages long and features nine screenshots, none of which are new.
    • GamePRO USA claims the game starts with CJ in East Los Santos.
    • GamePRO was one of the publications that was shown a demo of the game with three intact missions: “Menace”, “Drive-by”, “Reuniting the Families”.
    • Voice talent and the soundtrack have not yet been finalised.
    • GamePRO claims the city of Los Santos alone is 4 times the size of Vice City. I personally find this a little challenging to believe, rather that the whole of San Andreas state is 4 times the size of Vice City. Time will tell.

The city of Los Santos alone is four times the size of Vice City, which is pretty scary considering that there are two other cities and even larger deserts and badlands connecting them for you to explore.

– GamePRO USA September 2004
  • – Eurogamer has put up an online Dan Houser interview, based off the OPS2M interview. No new information, but a useful read if you missed the Official Playstation2 Magazine interview.

Source: Partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto.