Rockstar Releases Digital Screenshots

We’ve been provided with some digital versions of the screenshots you have all been enjoying in print previews. Now let’s hear all the criticism that our lovely GTA fans can give us. We know you want to pick these apart. Here’s your chance. In other news, the cost of the GTA IV special edition in Australia has been confirmed as $149.95.

San Fierro follow-up…

Finally. FINALLY. For the past while now, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos & the surrounding countryside. Screenshots piled on screenshots as we got to see more and more of what is soon to be our new stomping grounds – but what about the other two cities? San Fierro – one of the two cities

New San Andreas Publications Heading Your Way

More and more tidbits of information on new previews have been springing up lately.. GamePro US (September 2004) – The article in question is two pages long and features nine screenshots, none of which are new. GamePRO USA claims the game starts with CJ in East Los Santos. GamePRO was one of the publications that was shown a demo of the