San Fierro follow-up…

Finally. FINALLY.

For the past while now, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos & the surrounding countryside. Screenshots piled on screenshots as we got to see more and more of what is soon to be our new stomping grounds – but what about the other two cities?

San Fierro – one of the two cities that has been ignored up until now, is about to get it’s dues.

As we noted yesterday, German publication Play the Playstation has revealed quite an impressive amount of info regarding both San Fierro & San Andreas gameplay in general.

Our site does not post scanned screenshots, however our competition over at have put up scanned screenshots from the article which feature some of the tantalizing eye-candy that awaits us in San Fierro – some of the highlights include a shot of Gant Bridge (San Andreas’ version of the famous Bay Bridge) and a Viper-lookalike with a cable car in the background.

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