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Gamespot Feature: Tales from San Fierro

The Gamespot San Andreas weekend preview has just gone up, with 6 exclusive screenshots, following IGN’s Welcome to San Fierro feature. Rockstar North’s crazy expansion of the groundbreaking gameplay elements introduced in GTA III are looking to be equally profound in this installment of the series. – Ricardo Torres, Gamespot In the centre of the Cobra Martial Arts dojo of San Fierro

San Andreas Saturday kicks off!

‘Tis that time again folks and this week – IGN focus on the city of San Fierro. In fact, Rockstar told me personally just yesterday that there will things in this game that people won’t even discover until long after it’s come out — things that the gaming press won’t get to cover at all to keep them a total surprise

PSM2 UK October: San Fierro Madness

The October PSM2 UK features San Andreas as a cover story once again. The 8-page article breaks down the city of San Fierro, tells us about car customisation which we’ve heard of briefly before, and much much more. This is one of the highlight previews of the month, so be sure to read it through when it arrives in stores

San Fierro follow-up…

Finally. FINALLY. For the past while now, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos & the surrounding countryside. Screenshots piled on screenshots as we got to see more and more of what is soon to be our new stomping grounds – but what about the other two cities? San Fierro – one of the two cities

San Fierro: First Looks

The new San Fierro information comes from the October issue of the german magazine Play the Playstation. It is being released this Friday. The highlights: There are 150 core missions. Bay Bridge is called the “Gant” bridge. There is a district which is very reminiscent of “Doherty”, a place in San Francisco which got hit by an earthquake in 1989. There

Seedy San Fierro Speculation.

As I sit here, eating my waffles, watching “I Love the 90s”, scanning through the new screenshots from that German magazine, I have two thoughts going through my head: how amazing blueberry pancakes are with maple syrup, and “What about San Fierro?” And what about San Fierro? I mean, what about the storyline, what about the seedy underground crime syndicates