Seedy San Fierro Speculation.

As I sit here, eating my waffles, watching “I Love the 90s”, scanning through the new screenshots from that German magazine, I have two thoughts going through my head: how amazing blueberry pancakes are with maple syrup, and “What about San Fierro?” And what about San Fierro?

I mean, what about the storyline, what about the seedy underground crime syndicates Carl will find himself a pawn to?

Well, for starters, there is a reason I am only thinking about San Fierro. We have seen and heard plenty enough already of Los Santos and it’s Orange Grove families, crooked cops, Ballas, and Flats. And Las Venturra’s, well as far as I’m concerned, the tree of criminal activities is already implied; what with the Casinos, Hookers, Mafia, and so on that one would find in the actual Las Vegas. But what of San Fra… erm, San Fierro? The only thing that springs to mind when I add early 90s and San Fran together is of course, the beloved American sitcom. Full House. And as much as I would adore cracking skulls on behalf of Uncle Jesse, I know there has to be something I’m not picking up on. Let’s think for a minute, shall we?

Well, what does San Fransisco have to offer? Well first off, we have China Town. Although mandatory to most major US cities, China Town invokes thoughts to the days of ole, in Liberty City, crashing through fruit stands, gunning down Triads left and right. Ah yes, the Triads. The fiery tempered, jumpsuit wearing, Chunky Lee Chinamen. Does San Fierro hold a spot for these wacky imports and all their noodle vending glory?

Moving along, I can’t help but visualize the San Fierro hills and think of Saint Marks. Beyond rendering players with some of the steepest, narrowest, and overall funnest (Yes, funnest. Not most fun. But that’s a different tangent for a different time) lanes of driving pleasure for your recently thieved automobile, but it was also the breeding ground of the roughest, toughest, Mafiosos this side of the Olive Garden, the Leone Family Mafia. Now, as I previously stated, Vegas (Venturra) has been the front for countless Italian family oriented organized crime operations, and I see no reason why the gents at Rockstar would take any other route. But, everyone has to hold reign on their empire from more than one throne, no? Why not San Fierro? Not to mention the fact that the voice actor that portrayed Don Salvatore Leone in Grand Theft Auto 3, is rumored to return to do voice work for San Andreas as well. As far fetched as it is possible, I can realistically say I could not only envision the LFM taking up turf in Fierro, but see them as the common thread, storyline wise, between SF and LV.

Upon further retrospect, one can’t help but to think back to the Golden Ages of Grand Theft Auto gaming, GTA1&2. Some have remarked about the hopeful return of the Rednecks, thanks greatly to the recently released information on the San Andreas countryside. On that same note of old returning gangs, could we see a return of, say, the Hare Krishna? SF is quite well known for it’s hippies and alternative religious extremists. Scientology anyone?

In the end, this is merely sugar induced speculation as to what I think may or may not happen, but if anything, it’s a tasty tidbit of food for thought.