Chasing the White Rabbit: GTA VI Community Goes Down the Speculation Rabbit Hole

Chasing the White Rabbit: GTA VI Community Goes Down the Speculation Rabbit Hole

In a world where the Rockstar community sees the next Grand Theft Auto game everywhere they go – from looking at clouds, to looking at random images online, believing random delusional religious-themed riddles, or perhaps even seeing things in the pattern of their cat’s fur – today’s social media marketing posts for GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars certainly caused

Sound Off: The Great GTA V Divide

Sound Off: The Great GTA V Divide

The three of us were expecting a re-release of GTA V for the next generation of consoles for a while now, though a majority of the community thought Rockstar would just come out and announce the next Grand Theft Auto instead; probably one of the main reasons it was received so badly. Is Rush on PS5 justified? It looks to

Sound Off: GTA VI Speculation

Sound Off: GTA VI Speculation

The hottest topic on GTAForums right now is none other than GTA 6 Speculation & Discussion. There’s “nothing” out there to officially confirm or deny anything, but that doesn’t keep our chins from wagging about all of the possibilities around the corner. With nearly 100,000 cumulative posts on GTA 6, you could be wondering how we can talk for England about

What Rockstar said about “Universes”

My apologies if you got a sudden rush of excitement in thinking that this is entirely new news; however, I think some might find this as news to them! After seeing several GTA fans talk about or speculate on the return of characters from previous games to GTAV, be it Carl Johnson from San Andreas and/or Tommy Vercetti from Vice

Official Xbox Magazine: “Expect GTA V to be announced later this summer”

Last we heard, GTA V was “well underway”. Well, now, according to the “Crystal Ball” in the latest issue of Offical Xbox Magazine, the long awaited next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is expected to be annouced some time later this summer. The article reads: Time’s up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced

GTA V Codenamed RUSH? Character List Revealed?

A twitter user has discovered an online casting call, apparently posted by Take 2 Interactive, advertising a project called ‘RUSH’. Bearing in mind that GTA IV was codenamed ‘FROZEN’ prior to its release, could ‘RUSH’ could be the codename for GTA V? The cast includes: Mitch Hayes – 38 yrs old – Annoying, wise cracking, highly successful FBI agent. In great shape. Does

Iggy Pop in GTA IV?

In an interview by Crave Online, Iggy Pop has claimed that he is doing voice work for GTA IV. However the interview mainly focused on his music, so there wasn’t much else said about it. Here is the excerpt: Crave Online: This isn’t your first time doing a voiceover either. You did an episode of American Dad, right? Iggy Pop: Yeah I did. In

New GTA IV trailer coming today

This is simply a reminder that GTA IV Trailer 3: “Move up, ladies” will be released later today at 3 PM EST and 8 PM GMT. Refer to the countdown at the top of this page to see how much time remains. Various sites have reported that the two shots released yesterday were taken from scenes in the new trailer, however we are not so sure. Rockstar