San Fierro: First Looks

The new San Fierro information comes from the October issue of the german magazine Play the Playstation. It is being released this Friday. The highlights:

  • There are 150 core missions.
  • Bay Bridge is called the “Gant” bridge.
  • There is a district which is very reminiscent of “Doherty”, a place in San Francisco which got hit by an earthquake in 1989.
  • There is a hippie festival in San Fierro by the name of “Hushbury & Garcia Joint Festival”.
  • Weather will be very specific. It can be raining in one place, sunny in another.
  • San Fierro will introduce the character Cesar.
  • When talking to people, you have a choice of dialogue you can browse through.
  • You can install nitro boost on your car, which when activated will speed up your car considerably and present you with a blur effect, similar to the one in NFS: Underground.
  • Chinatown is in San Fierro.
  • In Chinatown you will encounter the Triads, and you will work for a blind guy by the name of Wu Zi Mu. One of his tasks for you is to rescue fugitives in a container. (connected to human trafficking)

New screenshots include:

  • A huge never before seen artwork of a guy in a black suit, wearing sunglasses. Assisting him is another person, in the same clothing, with a golden earring. This must be our first look at Wu Zi Mu.
  • A “VW Bully” with a peace symbol.
  • CJ in a blue sports car under a sign “Hushbury & Garcia Joint Festival”.
  • CJ with 2 guns and an afro behind a red ferrari. There is an open garage with a sign “Transfender”.
  • CJ in a boot wih two motors under a giant bridge called “Gant bridge”.
  • A GT-40-like red sports car with white racing stripes. In the caption: “You can also steal a cable car” (which is shown behind the sports car).
  • A street with 6 cars on it, in the background is a giant bridge.
  • CJ on a motorbike with a yellow/black “1” painting. The bike looks awesome, you can see every single cogwheel. And there is a police helicopter above CJ.

Read more for detailed information on the car performance upgrades, and specifically the nitros effect. Thanks to snuggles03 for the info. We’ll have a full summary of the article later this week.

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Here’s an extract which reveals more on the car performance tweaking. As mentioned before, with nitros you will see a blur effect, similar to the one in NFS: Underground:

“In some garages you can change the color of your car (paint, varnish) und buy front and rear spoilers. If you have enough money, you can change the look of your car. Most upgrades don’t affect the handling of the car.

The only upgrades which improve the performance of your car are the nitro-boosts. You can even see the gas-tanks through the windows of your car from the outside.

You activate the nitros by pressing a button. In order to visualize the extreme speed you’ll see some blur effects like in NFSU.”

Play the Playstation Magazine, Germany, October 2004 Issue