Game Informer’s GTAV Preview coming 8th November

Andy McNamara, Editor-in-Chief of Game Informer, has just announced the release schedule for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V issue via the magazine’s website. The cover will be revealed early US central time on 8th November, and the digital edition is to be released later on the same day. Game Informer have hinted that the story is “huge” with over 18 pages of details

GTA4 HUD Revealed

The latest issue of Australian magazine ZOO contains photographs of one of their journalists playing GTA IV on a large TV screen. As expected, the HUD is minimal, and the only thing that’s permanently visible is the radar. The radar is surrounded by two semi-circles representing health and armour. Everything on the radar is translucent except for the roads. Things like weapons

Further Previews

FHM (a UK magazine) has a new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV in their latest issue. The new screenshot shows a car (at night) going over a ramp, and being tracked by two helicopters. Thanks to Torchwood (from the forums) for the info. The latest issue of PSM also contains new screenshots, which are part of a three-page hands-on exclusive preview.

EGM’s Grand Theft Auto IV Comparisons

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly recently sent a photographer to NYC to try to match the GTA IV screens shot for shot, and enable comparison. Some of the results are outstanding, it’s definitely worth the read, so if you can find this magazine in your area be sure to pick it up. These are the shots which were compared..

San Andreas vs. Halo 2 at Forbes

Forbes online has put up an interesting comparison of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Halo 2, including information about the publishers of both companies and sales expectations over the upcoming holiday season.

Magazine Preview Screenshots

Firstly, we got our hands on some digital screenshots that were featured in magazine previews earlier this month. They are a bit small, but definitely worth a look. (We’ll have them in 640x448px format soon). Thanks to Jordan from our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto for the images!. Note that the first image looks a lot like this IGN exclusive. If you look closely, you will notice that they are infact slightly

Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK Preview

The Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK has included a four page San Andreas preview in their November issue (#52). There are no new screenshots, but we were able to squeeze some new info out: Included in the game will be hundreds of interiors. There will be a non-pilotable nuclear submarine in San Andreas. (Perhaps docked in the harbor somewhere!) In order to learn new moves in the

Play UK and OPS2M Australia November Issues

Both Play Magazine UK and Official Playstation 2 Magazine Australia have done new San Andreas previews. The bulleted lists strike again! From Play UK: R* reckon that it takes 100 hours to complete the main story missions. Cop helicopter fly around the cities, searching for criminals even when you havent got any stars. Kung fu, boxing street fighting can all be learnt, once you have learnt

Two Frenchies: Jeux Video & PSM2 France

The october issues of Jeux Video and PSM2 France contain new details about the San Andreas gameplay. Jeux also released a few brand new screenshots! In PSM2, the main focus was San Fierro: You are limited to a few combos at a time. It’s up to you to decide which you’ll learn and use. Each city has a few places where you can learn new

German Maniac Magazine November Preview

Another German print publication, Man!ac, has done a San Andreas preview in their November issue. Between going on about the larger polygon counts and shorter loading times, they revealed a few less-known pieces of information that are of no news to me, but might not be familiar to you folks. When in gang wars, you will be able to give the