Two Frenchies: Jeux Video & PSM2 France

The october issues of Jeux Video and PSM2 France contain new details about the San Andreas gameplay. Jeux also released a few brand new screenshots!

In PSM2, the main focus was San Fierro:

  • You are limited to a few combos at a time. It’s up to you to decide which you’ll learn and use.
  • Each city has a few places where you can learn new moves and combos.
    Los Santos -> Boxing
    San Fierro -> Martial Arts
  • The animation of attacks has improved greatly, and is much smoother than in Vice City.
  • Aswell as swimming, CJ can ‘dive’.
  • Some new info on the targeting system (Auto-aim):
    green crosshair is great. Yellow is more tricky and black is impossible to kill. For more precision, an FPS like system is available too.
  • CJ can also use tactical “Solid Snake” moves to kill silently.
  • The ‘quality’ of goods in clothing stores vary:
    Binco -> Cheap clothing
    Pro Laps -> Sports
    SubUrban -> Fashion

The only thing mentioned in Jeux magazine was that there won’t be an Alcatraz in San Andreas

Upon proposal, the developers decided to abandon the idea of including Alcatraz [in San Andreas].

Jeux Video Magazine, France, October 2004

Thanks to GTAFrance for the originals, and Goldrusher_XT for the help with translations.