Screenshots, Artwork and More.

The six screenshots which appeared on CVG yesterday, have now been sent to GameDot, IGN and various other sites. You can now view the original [unwatermarked] copies in our screenshot gallery. We have also replaced one or two images in the artwork gallery with fullsize and higher-quality versions, so be sure to check that out also. Can I please ask all PSM2 and/or GamesMaster (UK) magazine subscribers

Upcoming Previews

So when will we learn about the plot/setting/character (etc) details of Vice City Stories? This week, I fired off a few emails to find out who will be previewing it, and most importantly when. First I got in touch with PSM2, who claim they’ve already seen the game (just a few days ago) and that they’ll have “shots and details” in an issue

GTA PSP expectations

PSM2 (UK) have published a two-page feature on GTA PSP in their latest issue, with their expectations on how the project will be tackled: Gameplay Rockstar president Sam Houser was quoted saying “Sony’s extremely impressive technology has allowed Rockstar Leeds to do more on a handheld machine than we could have ever imagined”, virtually guaranteeing that the game will be

Mini-guide Madness

Completed all missions? Stuck on flight school? Interested in hidden features? If so, be sure to grab this month’s issues of PSM2, PSW and OPS2. PSW have a two-page feature on Easter Eggs, Hidden Features, Glitches, in-jokes and other activities that are available, whilst PSM2 describe to us the “35 Things you MUST do” in San Andreas: Headless HomieYou’ll need

Care for a San Andreas Bandana?

All you have to do is buy the January issue of PSM2. Read more in the following notice, courtesy of our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto and Alex Reist. Brisbane, CA (December 14, 2004) PSM: 100% Independent PlayStation 2 Magazine, Future Network USA’s market-leading monthly magazine for PlayStation 2 news, games, hardware and culture, will partner with Rockstar Games to produce a limited-edition black bandana,

PSM2’s Verdict

The latest issue of PSM2 UK contains their ‘final verdict’ of San Andreas�although, judging on what was said, it sounds as if they’ve never even played the game! A lot of the information hasn’t been confirmed, and it’s simply PSM2’s opinion of things, so don’t take all of this for granted. Confirmed music tracks include: Lil Louis – French Kiss, A Guy Called Gerald –

SPOILER: The “Mystery Girl”

Several months ago, Play Magazine (issue 118) revealed that a ‘mystery girl’, returning from a previous title, would appear in San Andreas. Rockstar have kept quiet, and the girl’s face was blacked out during demonstrations at Rockstar HQ. So who could it be? Well, we have Mercedes Cortez from Vice City (a huge favourite), Auntie Poulet, (although I’m not sure they’d make

Two Frenchies: Jeux Video & PSM2 France

The october issues of Jeux Video and PSM2 France contain new details about the San Andreas gameplay. Jeux also released a few brand new screenshots! In PSM2, the main focus was San Fierro: You are limited to a few combos at a time. It’s up to you to decide which you’ll learn and use. Each city has a few places where you can learn new