Mini-guide Madness

Completed all missions? Stuck on flight school? Interested in hidden features? If so, be sure to grab this month’s issues of PSM2, PSW and OPS2.

PSW have a two-page feature on Easter Eggs, Hidden Features, Glitches, in-jokes and other activities that are available, whilst PSM2 describe to us the “35 Things you MUST do” in San Andreas:

Headless Homie
You’ll need to grab yourself a katana sword for this one. You’ll find one behind the 69 cent store in El Corona, Los Santos. Find a two-player icon (there’s one outside Denise’s house), then hack at CJ with player two until he’s wasted. When you return to the action, CJ will be headless, with blood gushing from his open wound.


The magazine also includes a mini-guide book outlining the 27 toughest missions in the game, with difficulty ratings and smart tips for each.

In addition to this, TotalGames.Net have published a special 148 page walkthrough with colourful maps, screenshots and tips to help you complete the game at only half the price of the official strategy guide.

Stay tuned for all the latest news and info.