Upcoming Previews

So when will we learn about the plot/setting/character (etc) details of Vice City Stories? This week, I fired off a few emails to find out who will be previewing it, and most importantly when.

First I got in touch with PSM2, who claim they’ve already seen the game (just a few days ago) and that they’ll have “shots and details” in an issue which is due to be on sale 31st August. I also spoke with the editor of GamesMaster, and they too have a preview planned, though they’re not sure what’s going to be in it yet because they’ve yet to speak with Rockstar. This issue is on sale 1st September.

Both are UK magazines, so if you’re living in the UK then be sure to pick up a copy of each on the dates listed above, where all will be revealed about GTA:VCS. Stay tuned for more updates.