Screenshot Gallery Updated

We have updated our screenshot gallery with two screenshots that were posted over at IGN. The screenshots featured earlier this month in magazines such as Computerbild-Spiele, Games Master and PSM3. We also managed to get our hands on this artwork, which also featured in the same magazines:

New Previews from PSM3 and Games Master

The latest issue of UK magazine PSM3 features a massive twelve-page exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. The preview contains four new screenshots which have never been seen before, and new character illustrations of Little Jacob and Vlad. It also contains a fullsize version of this screenshot, which was only partially revealed to us last year. Thanks to Buubar (from the forums) for the

New Preview in GamesMaster (UK)

We reported last month that UK magazine GamesMaster would feature a preview of Vice City Stories in their upcoming issue, and today we managed to learn of it’s contents. There are no new screenshots – and a majortiy of the details we already know – but there are a few interesting bits that are worth mentioning: One of the radio songs

Screenshots, Artwork and More.

The six screenshots which appeared on CVG yesterday, have now been sent to GameDot, IGN and various other sites. You can now view the original [unwatermarked] copies in our screenshot gallery. We have also replaced one or two images in the artwork gallery with fullsize and higher-quality versions, so be sure to check that out also. Can I please ask all PSM2 and/or GamesMaster (UK) magazine subscribers

Upcoming Previews

So when will we learn about the plot/setting/character (etc) details of Vice City Stories? This week, I fired off a few emails to find out who will be previewing it, and most importantly when. First I got in touch with PSM2, who claim they’ve already seen the game (just a few days ago) and that they’ll have “shots and details” in an issue

GM’s roundup & Official PSP Guide

The september issue of Games Master (UK) has a nice 2-page roundup of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. “Best of all, the game is due out this September, just after the PSP launch.” “Firstly they’ve [Rockstar] realised that the missions can’t be 10-minutes-or-more stamina tests. They must intense, punchy and to the point – you can’t be faffing around