GM’s roundup & Official PSP Guide

The september issue of Games Master (UK) has a nice 2-page roundup of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

“Best of all, the game is due out this September, just after the PSP launch.”

“Firstly they’ve [Rockstar] realised that the missions can’t be 10-minutes-or-more stamina tests. They must intense, punchy and to the point – you can’t be faffing around if you’ve got a bus to catch. Also the onscreen info (for example the weapon selection and the map) has been made semi-transparent to maximise the amount of Liberty City that can be seen on the screen.”

At the back of the magazine, Games Master advertise their next issue (on sale August 25th) and they claim to get “the world’s first play” of Liberty City Stories. We’ll see, stay tuned.

Also this month, from the creators of Official PlayStation2 Magazine UK comes “PlayStation Portable – The Official Guide Book” – an impressive 130 page guide to the PSP with info on music, games, movies and more.

“You can actually use your MP3 collection as a soundtrack with certain game titles – which’ll put an end to you listening to the same bits of in-game music.”

“It’s known that certain parties, including Sony themselves, are working on a number of applications for PSP.”

“With PSP’s Wi-Fi switch turned on, you simply select a multiplayer mode and the game automatically detects other players in the area.”

“The PSP initially aims to replace you Game Boy. But next, it wants you to stop using your iPod. Then it won’t be happy until your PDA is gathering dust…”

Keep an eye on this page.