Liberty City Stories Unplugged

The latest issue of PSM contains preview of GTA Liberty City Stories. Most details were already known, but here are just a few of the new things we learned:

  • Like Tommy Vercetti and Claude, Ton Cipranii cannot swim.
  • There is no interior environment.
  • Liberty City Stories uses an improved version of San Andreas’ targetting system.
  • Three years before Sex Club 7 became the place where Luigi (Joe Pantoliano) gave work to the mute GTA 3 protagonist, the strip club was called “Paulie’s Revue Bar”.

But the following line was without a doubt the highlight of the article:

“To sweeten the deal even more, GTA Liberty City Stories will support downloadable content. More vehicles and/or weapons , more outfits, more songs more missions!”

No further details were given, but we’ll try and get in touch with PSM and R* to find out more. Check back soon for all the latest news and updates, and also our own Liberty City Stories website which is currently being developed.

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