Playstation Magazine USA previews GTA IV

Poking along behind the rest of the crowd in the lead up to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, PSM (USA) offers up a zesty mix of both old and new information regarding the newest addition to the GTA family. While most of the “WE’VE HEARD THIS A MILLION TIMES!” facts are covered in full, PSM does manage to

World Exclusive GTA IV Preview in GamesTM

The August issue of GamesTM (a multi-format games magazine based in the UK) contains a world exclusive first look at the new gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV. Here’s a brief run-down on some of the new stuff mentioned: The demo begins in Grand Theft Auto IV’s equivalent of Times Square: Star Junction. There aren’t many pedestrians present at this time, but this

Upcoming GTA IV Previews and Forum Activity

As planned out by Rockstar Games’ marketing team, lately we’ve been left in a state of boredom in the GTA world, at least pertaining to official news. Some sort of relief lies at the end of the road though, PSM3 and Play in the UK, as well as the Australian edition of OPM is said to offer GTA IV previews

New Info in PSM

gamerzworld (from our forum) has just recieved the November issue of PSM, which he says contains 5 new screenshots and some info about the new “Empire Building” feature. Here is a quick summary of what we know so far: There are six types of business you can run – protection, extortion, and prostitution, to name a few. Gordon Hall – president

Liberty City Stories Unplugged

The latest issue of PSM contains preview of GTA Liberty City Stories. Most details were already known, but here are just a few of the new things we learned: Like Tommy Vercetti and Claude, Ton Cipranii cannot swim. There is no interior environment. Liberty City Stories uses an improved version of San Andreas’ targetting system. Three years before Sex Club

PSM2 UK October: San Fierro Madness

The October PSM2 UK features San Andreas as a cover story once again. The 8-page article breaks down the city of San Fierro, tells us about car customisation which we’ve heard of briefly before, and much much more. This is one of the highlight previews of the month, so be sure to read it through when it arrives in stores

Few Tidbits

We’ve reworked our confirmed information page for San Andreas, it now harbours a more extensive list of what you will find in San Andreas. Through technical difficulties our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto is back up, hopefully here to stay. And on a final note, there is a new print preview in the Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK, September issue (#50) in stores on the 14th of

Next month’s PSM2

Be sure to buy next month’s PSM2 (UK), on sale August 26th. The special edition September issue promises a huge feature in next months issue. A ‘San Andreas’ theme is spread across two whole pages, and it appears to be next months main feature. WE’RE PLAYING IT – FOR REAL!One city down. Two to go. The mother of all scoop doggy dogg’s. Get the

PSM2 Feature

PSM2 Magazine (UK) have released a 4-page GTA San Andreas feature. The feature focused mainly on mission scripts, from the demo they were shown by Rockstar. If you were to make the two stand side by side, CJ would make Tommy look like a cartoon Playstation Magazine UK Some minor details were released: After the logo screen loads up, a

PSM Italy Preview

PSM Italy (Issue #25) have published a GTA:San Andreas preview, outlining many of the new features we saw in previous articles. Although a majority of the information was already known, one or two interesting statements were made: Do you think that last GTA was one of the longest games ever created? Dan Houser says that he cannot find any way