Upcoming GTA IV Previews and Forum Activity

As planned out by Rockstar Games’ marketing team, lately we’ve been left in a state of boredom in the GTA world, at least pertaining to official news. Some sort of relief lies at the end of the road though, PSM3 and Play in the UK, as well as the Australian edition of OPM is said to offer GTA IV previews in their upcoming issues, all of them to go on sale this month.

We’re not expecting any considerable revelations to surface from these issues, but they’ll likely provide us with one or two new tidbits; or perhaps a broader aspect of already known information. The July issue of PSM in the United States on the other hand is said to offer brand new details, as stated in their June issue, and other sources. This issue will be available to subscribers as early as the first week of June, if things go ahead as usual.

Now, while we can only drool on already released information, there is however a place to keep yourself busy with GTA IV discussions, our GTA IV forum. Below are a select few topics that we found interesting…

  • The Meaning Behind The Words takes a look at, well, the meaning behind the words of things in GTA IV, such as location and product names. Algonquin, a fictional Manhattan, for instance, is named after a Native-American tribe who sold the island for $24 in 1626. Other interesting things can be viewed from the topic.
  • While it’s been said that there’ll be no countryside in GTA IV, one screenshot from OPM seems to show a set of hills, possibly near Alderney (New Jersey). Perhaps there’ll be some space after all in the game to freely ride your ATV, or tractor, around. See for yourself over here.
  • While the forum is often filled with ideas and features that people would want to see in the game, a topic’s been setup where members have posted unwanted featuresGirlfriends seem to be the top choice, followed by uncontrollable RC vehicles, which, according to some, made a poor appearance in the last game with Liberty City in it.
  • With the world exclusive magazine preview of GTA IV telling us that there’s no planes in the game, disappointment ensued. Later we’ve learned that helicopters will in fact be seen in the game, and that players will be able to take flight with them(Perhaps even stealing one in the air whilst given a tour around the Algonquin Skyline?). Staying with speculation, GycuBrun posted a topic looking at just what other sort of vehicles we can see in the game. As most of you know, planes is said to have been left out due to its possibility of taking a fast trip around the city, and wouldn’t really fit. So therefore slower aerial vehicles is a possibility. Perhaps aerial vehicles such as hang gliders, microlites, or even hot air balloons…?
  • In relation to the paragraph above, do any of you remember the flying car cheat for the previous set of GTA titles? This cheat allowed players to take to the air in their road vehicles, flying wherever they want around the city (except back to the future, of course). dbigh brings this topic up over here.
  • While this is total speculation, it is certainly something interesting to speculate about. Being GTA, the police force played a big part in the GTA games, and with new technologies and such powering GTA IV, it’d be interesting to see where this will be going. This is discussed over here. Also, with GTA IV taking place in the same city as R*’s headquarters, perhaps we’ll see some sort of parody of it in GTA IV?
  • The release of the GTA IV trailer was a big event, largely due to the anticipation R* created with a countdown clock counting down to the release of it. EA did a parody of this by creating a similar logo with the text “XXII”, apparently counting down to the launch of an official site for an upcoming Simpsons video game.
    The Holsten Premier League, a darts tournament, did the same by counting down to a match. See that here.

Well, that’s just some of it. Stay tuned for the information to be released from the upcoming magazine articles.