PSM2 Feature

PSM2 Magazine (UK) have released a 4-page GTA San Andreas feature. The feature focused mainly on mission scripts, from the demo they were shown by Rockstar.

If you were to make the two stand side by side, CJ would make Tommy look like a cartoon

Playstation Magazine UK

Some minor details were released:

  • After the logo screen loads up, a large map sparks up, with options for Select, Options, Audio and Display.
  • The map was “an approximately America shaped large, fat, empty, beige shape, save for a square in the bottom right corner, occupying less than a quarter of the total map available. This was Los Santos”
  • A haircut doesn’t come cheap, at $500
  • In the mission ‘Menace’, it takes three passes before all of the Ballas are face down on the sidewalk.

PSM2 also promised a huge feature in next months issue.

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