PSM2 UK October: San Fierro Madness

The October PSM2 UK features San Andreas as a cover story once again. The 8-page article breaks down the city of San Fierro, tells us about car customisation which we’ve heard of briefly before, and much much more. This is one of the highlight previews of the month, so be sure to read it through when it arrives in stores on the 26th of August.

Katana-waving Triads, pimped-out rides and breaststroke at sunset under the Golden Gate bridge. PSM2 takes an exclusive look at San Fierro and discovers San Andreas’ best kept secret…

I would also like to point out that the article has a very good part about criticising San Andreas, and where it could fall short of its ambitions. Look forward to another Pitfalls article from our team here, based on what PSM2 saw as San Andreas’ main shortcomings.

  • Unfortunately there isn’t a way to transport cars from city to city, unless you drive them there yourself. You can save them in your city garages though.
  • There are police impounds, so you car can be impounded.
  • Tow-trucks are completely functioning.
  • Alcatraz is not confirmed yet.
  • At the trolley station there is a garage by the name of Transfender. It’s a place to customise your vehicle.
  • Options for car customisation:
    • Exhausts
    • Front Bumper
    • Rear Bumper
    • Roof
    • Spoilers
    • Wings
    • Wheels
    • Paint jobs
  • Standard front bumper costs $970.
  • Customisations dont affect the engine, hence performance stays the same.
  • Only performance ugprade is nitrous. If installed, hold O and X in a car to turn it on.

The San Fierro gym is called “Cobra Martial Arts”, and focuses on martial arts, and learning new skills from asian masters. In a segment, CJ learns a new move, the drop heel kick. Apparently there are different styles of combat you can possess, ranging from martial arts to boxing. Depending on how much you train, you will have a different style of fighting.

Read more for information on new missions, confirmations on vehicles, weapons, missions, music and locations and plenty other things.

Missions of San Fierro:

Mission name: The Da Nang Thang
The third mission PSM2 saw included Wu Zi Mu, the blind asian gentlemen we’ve mentioned before who works with the Triads.

The blind asian wants to free some victims of human trafficking, who are stuck in a ship in the port. While you throw grenades off the helicopter and shoot the ship, the helicopter gets hit and you crash into the sea.

In the sea CJ breaststrokes away. (X to crawl, O to dive, which in turn brings up a breath metre). CJ climbs into the ship. Now you have to use stealth as your primary tactic, silently killing guards a la Hitman. Climbing around the storage containers you take off guards one by one, and finally rescue the refugees. For the finale, you fight a Head Honcho, the “boss” if you will. Fighting with Katanas, it is very reminiscent of Kill Bill.
Mission reward: $30,000.

In another mission, CJ meets Cesar, an old friend from Los Santos and Kendall’s boyfriend. They go to steal cars from “Otto’s Autos”. From the store you escape by driving the cars out the front, and speed off through the city.

Confirmations by PSM UK

Leafy Hollow
Back O Beyond
Flint County
Shady Creeks
Angel Pine
Mt Chilliad
Fern Ridge
Red County
Las Colinas

Los Santos
El Corona

San Fierro
Hashbury and Garcia
Cranbery Station
Garden Bridge
Juniper Hill
Calton Heights
Explanade North
Radio Stations
Flash FM Hit Radio
K-Jah West FM

Reggae House
Hip Hop
New Model Army
Back to School
FCR 900 bike
Monster Truck
ZR350 Sports car
Dodo (with wings)
Quad Bike
School BUs
Golf Car
Low Rider Mustang
Cement Mixer
NRG 500 Bike
Tow Trucks
Knuckle Duster
12 Gauge Shotgun
Rocket Launcher
Uzi 9mm (twin-handed)
Colt .45
M-16 Assault Rifle
Ingram Mac 10
Chrome Shotgun

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