A Round-up of today’s events

All screenshots published on the official website can be viewed here.

We have what appears to be our first glimpse of Las Venturas. If you visit the “Hanky Panky Area” on the official website, you’ll see the line: “looks out towards Las Venturas”. Go check it out! Also note that “Blueberry” is the center of the entire state, so hopefully that gives you an idea of what size the full map is.

You can also check out the Los Santos map, hereCharacters and Gangs are now fully upto date aswell, so be sure to check those.

..and just incase you’ve been living under a rock, here are some links to the official trailer that was released this weekend:

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Remember to Read More for a brief summary of the new information released this week.

Check out this trailer made by high247 at our forum. It’s a collection of the mini-videos seen on the official site.

Beach Party Area

Beach parties are common in Los Santos. They take place during the night, and ocassionaly descend into gang violence, although parties are ‘usually’ safe and friendly.


Situated in west Los Santos, Rodeo is home to the rich and famous. Here you can expect to find some of the most expensive retail stores in the city. You can also find the Rodeo Hotel, a hotel for the rich, the famous, and of course the Vinewood criminals. Other shops include Didier Sachs, where fashion is at its highest, and Victim.

Richman Country Club

This is where the rich and famous play golf and hold meetings. They also pay a fortune to do so.


Home to ‘Blastin’ Fools Records – the leading gangster rap label in the world, and very socially responsible they are too. You can also visit Verona Mall, and Market Station, public transport links that the auto indsutry have been trying to close down for years.

Los Santos Police Department

Fighting crime in Los Santos since.. forever.

Varrios Los Aztecas

Recognised by their turquoise clothing, Varrios Los Aztecas are an extremely dangerous, and ruthless hispanic gang – mainly involved in gun running and street violence. They dislike their rivals, the Los Santos Vagos, and other Los Santos gangs. They have traditionally been anti-narcotics.


Currently under control of front yard Ballas. Old Reece has been the main news source for many years, be sure to check him out if you need any information. You can also visit the Well Stacked Pizza, Reece’s Hair Facial studio, and of course the tattoo parlor. Also home to Melvin “Big Smoke” Harris of the Orange Grove Families.


One of the toughest areas on the map, occupied by the Grove Street Families – once one of the most respected gangs on the map. Drugs, car crime, murder…

East Los Santos

Bang in the middle of Ballas, Vagos and the Orange Grove Families. All gangs want control of this area, but it never seems to work out. The area contains community basketball courts, a skate park, and the towers, so there’s always likely to be gang activity. What would Los Santos be without a strip club? – Be sure to check out the Pig Pen.


A luxurious area of Los Santos, situated high above the city. This is where all of the movie stars live.


The very center of the state – Blueberry is a small farming community, and home to the Fleishberg Brewery. To the west of a local farm, a large hill known locally as the ‘Pantopticon’ lies. The area offers views of Bone and Flint County, and easter Basin Airport, serving San Fierro.

Palomind Creek

In Palomind, you can visit Hanky Panky Point, which looks out towards the bright lights of Las Venturas. A local beauty spot, and popular for young couples making out. You can also find a drive-thru confession church, and a local bank, which has been robbed numerous times.