GM’s roundup & Official PSP Guide

The september issue of Games Master (UK) has a nice 2-page roundup of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. “Best of all, the game is due out this September, just after the PSP launch.” “Firstly they’ve [Rockstar] realised that the missions can’t be 10-minutes-or-more stamina tests. They must intense, punchy and to the point – you can’t be faffing around

Content Update

Everything that has been confirmed throughout the past week in regards to PC and Xbox information has been pulled together and is now available on the San Andreas PC & Xbox information page. The page runs through a general outline of what will be changed, shows some screenshots and shares general speculation. Here is what we know so far. The draw distance

Recent Previews Rundown

A few new previews have surfaced as of late, here’s a quick run-down. Official Playstation 2 Magazine Netherlands/Belgium has put a San Andreas preview in their latest issue. The highlights.. Farm animals such as pigs and cows can be seen in the countryside. (Can you say Carmageddon?) Countryside residents are far more relaxed, often drunk or even half-naked. You can do

A Round-up of today’s events

All screenshots published on the official website can be viewed here. We have what appears to be our first glimpse of Las Venturas. If you visit the “Hanky Panky Area” on the official website, you’ll see the line: “looks out towards Las Venturas”. Go check it out! Also note that “Blueberry” is the center of the entire state, so hopefully that gives you an idea

Gamespy SA Preview Roundup…

G’day, folks! I assume the majority of you caught the recent San Andreas article over at (Dom posted a little news briefing on it yesterday), which summarized the majority of what is known about GTA:SA at the moment. However, if you’re anything like myself, you probably dropped out when you saw exactly how many pages (6, to be exact) there were. But don’t