Content Update

Everything that has been confirmed throughout the past week in regards to PC and Xbox information has been pulled together and is now available on the San Andreas PC & Xbox information page. The page runs through a general outline of what will be changed, shows some screenshots and shares general speculation. Here is what we know so far.

  • The draw distance will be considerably higher in both the PC and Xbox versions.
  • The textures for the PS2 version of the game were scaled down from how they were meant to be. A higher level of polygons and detail will appear in the game, and the game will visually look like it was meant to look.
  • Shadows and real-time reflections will be added to the game.
  • Both the PC and the Xbox versions will allow you to import your own MP3 songs for listening on the in-game radio. You can choose either to play your songs back to back, or have them wrapped in a radio station format, with original San Andreas advertisements, DJ commentary and weather bulletins inbetween.
  • A replay mode will exist, allowing you to replay the last 30 seconds of gameplay, save the replay, and play it later.
  • The 2-player mode will be available in the Xbox version, but not in the PC version.
  • In the Xbox version, you will be able to move the camera around your player or vehicle with the right ministick.
  • The game audio will be upgraded, featuring Dolby 5.1 surround sound.
  • You will once again be able to play GTA in the widescreen mode.

The GTA Place contacted us earlier today to say that they managed to speak to the people who wrote the Gaming Age preview, and confirm the validity of the system requirements revealed there. They also managed to get hold of the recommended requirements. The San Andreas PC system requirements news has been updated accordingly.