Panties in a Bunch

Kick back, relax. Have yourself a sandwich. Just because Chappelle’s Show has officially bitten the dust, it doesn’t mean that the world is without it’s humour. Take the following email, for instance – sent on behalf of the “entire gaming industry” to Patrick (the modder behind Hot Coffee), it seems to have come from someone who wasn’t breast fed enough as a child. Pat did nothing wrong, of course – he just uncovered a nifty lil’ bit of code. Too bad some thickheads just can’t seem to grasp the fact that Patrick is not at fault. Yeesh.

Anyway, here’s the email.

My name is Joe Laurino, CEO and Founder of HyperActive Productions, a game company situated in New York, New York.

And I wanted to drop in and say that you , sir, are an idiot.

That’s right, you are an idiot and a moron. I say this on behalf of the entire gaming industry and all of the game designers within it.

What the hell were you thinking ? That content was obviously locked for a reason. With the American government’s trigger-finger on video games, ESPECIALLY Grand Theft Auto, you should have realized that what the mod you were creating was going to cause an uproar. Your mod, singlehandedly, has turned the gaming world on it’s side. Australia has banned Grand Theft Auto : SA from the entire COUNTRY due to the content you made visible to the world. People nationwide here in the United States are suing the company, not understanding that what they saw was never meant to be seen. Now, even mods as a whole are being scrutinized (

Just because you can do something, doesn’t MEAN you should do it. If anyone should be taking responsibility for this whole mess, it should be you.

You idiot.

Joe Laurino
CEO, Founder, Lead Designer

This coming from a man whose company seems to rely on the likes of MS Paint for visual effects, has a development staff of 5 (4 of which are under the age of 18), sends “corporate emails” from his aol email address, and worst of all… relies on Yahoo! PageBuilder to design his website.

Seriously. Ewww. If you can’t even handle basic HTML markup, please, stay out of the programmer kitchen. Ye’ who knows not of what he speaks should shut his trap, aye?

Now, if you’d like to give Joe a nice, big hug (or throw your two cents at him en mass), his email is [email protected], and his “company” website is at

Much homie love from GTANet, Joe. Much homie love.