Vice City Stories on PlayStation 2

Tomorrow morning marks the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in North America for the PlayStation 2 entertainment console. European gamers will have to wait until the 9th of March. The release comes just 4 months after the game was released on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld platform. The PS2 release is a polished copy of the PSP version,

Vice City Stories PS2 Button Cheats

The last few days have seen several cheat code combinations floating around for the PlayStation 2 version of Vice City Stories. Unable to test and confirm these codes, we couldn’t post them. However we can now confidently confirm that the button cheats from the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories also work on the PS2 version. Weapon

Visuals for Vice City Stories on PlayStation 2

With Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories ready to be released in stores on the 9th of March, the trailer for Vice City Stories PS2 (Google Video) has been made available by Rockstar Games and Here are some publicity screenshots which have been circulating as of late. Hopefully this gives you a good indication of what the game will look like on the PlayStation

Vice City Stories Heading to PS2

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is known for the small rating icon they contribute to the the packaging of video games in the US, recently listed a PS2 version of Vice City Stories in their index of video games. The reference to a PS2 VCS has since been removed from the ESRB site. Certain websites are suggesting this is because Rockstar

CheatDevice for Vice City Stories

edisoncarter has released VCS CheatDevice 2.0 for Vice City Stories. CheatDevice enables you to unlock various features, record videos/screenshots whilst in-game, and in general enhance your gaming experience. It was initially developed for GTA: Liberty City Stories and proved hugely popular with the users at our forum. This is a preliminary ALPHA release for developers to start writing cheats with. This

Vice City Stories released in North America

Vice City Stories is now available in stores in North America, so if you live there be sure to pickup a copy and post your first impressions/reviews/finds here! The European release is still scheduled for November 3rd. Related Link: Vice City Stories @ GTAForums

GamesRadar Review

GamesRadar have become the first site to review GTA: Vice City Stories, giving it a final rating of 8/10 – a rating which has upset many of our users at GTAForums, who believe that the reviewer was harsh and failed to go into any real depth of analysis. Be sure to post your comments in this GTAForums topic. Link: GamesRadar Review

The Music of Vice City Stories

Check out the new preview over at IGN titled “The Music of GTA: Vice City Stories”. It describes each radio station in great detail and tells us what each station has to offer. There’s also some new media which you can see in our updated screenshot gallery.

PSM3 Review

UK magazine PSM3 have published their review of GTA: Vice City Stories, giving it a final rating of 91/100. Some details from the review worth mentioning: You can fly around the city in a number of different aircraft, including your very own private gyrocopter. Vic can only swim for a limited period of time, and getting back to land can prove